Operational and pilot research support for the Digital Commons Policy Council

  • O'Neil, Mathieu (CI)
  • Braybrooke, Kit (CoI)
  • Broca, Sébastien (CoI)
  • Daly, Angela (CoI)
  • de Blanc, Molly (CoI)
  • Rikap, Cecilia (CoI)
  • Thwaites, Denise (CoI)
  • Zacchiroli, Stefano (CoI)

Project: Research

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The Digital Commons Policy Council is an international think tank established in 2021 by Mathieu O’Neil thanks to the Ford and Sloan Foundations’ Critical Digital Infrastructure fund (2019-2020). The DCPC aims to increase the recognition of the benefits of digital infrastructure and of the volunteer labour which produces these common resources. It does so by producing evidence-based public reports. DCPC members conduct innovative research that combines computational analysis, surveys and ethnography. This grant from the Ford Foundation will enable DCPC to progress on two fronts:
1. Pilot research projects on corporate accountability
To what extent are industrial public goods really open? We propose to build on our analysis of the firm-project collaboration network on GitHub by developing several pilot projects. These projects will form the basis for the development of a larger project exploring a much larger-scale dataset e.g. Software Heritage.
2. Research dissemination, capacity-building, and networking
We are proposing to recruit a project manager to assist with website maintenance out outreach. The funding will also assist in releasing public reports. Finally we plan to organise a Living Lab / Policy Incubator on digital infrastructure and labour.
Short titleDigital Commons Policy Council
Effective start/end date1/11/2231/10/24


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