Opportunity and Disadvantage: Differences in Wellbeing Among Australia s Adults and Children at a Small Area Level

  • Harding, Ann (CI)
  • Goldfeld, Sharon (CoI)
  • Kendig, Hal (CoI)
  • LLOYD, Rachel (CoI)
  • Stanley, Fiona (CoI)
  • Stimson, Robert J. (CoI)
  • Tanton, Robert (CoI)
  • Williams, Paul (CoI)

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    This project is connected and is a continued through new project 2010000193...This project will lead to a better understanding of how wellbeing varies between Australians living in different localities and also how wellbeing is influenced by where people live and the services that governments provide. We will make major theoretical and practical advances to create crucial new small area databases, through the integration of new synthetic household data, new indices of wellbeing and existing spatially disaggregated databases. These new data will be made publicly available via the web, to allow both us and hundreds of other researchers to investigate spatial distributional equity issues and appropriate policy responses to those inequities.
    Short titleOpportunity and Disadvantage: Differences in Wellb
    Effective start/end date1/01/0631/12/13


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