Parent perceptions of what constitutes effective literacy intervention strategies before and after participation in the UC Parents as Tutors Program

  • AXFORD, Beverley (CI)

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    The Schools & Community Centre has developed an innovative literacy pedagogy. This pedagogy underpins the teaching approach used in the literacy intervention program known as the Parents as Tutors Program (PTP), a program jointly sponsored by UC and the ACT Department of Education & Training. The PTP works with parents and their child when their child is failing to develop age-appropriate literacy skills. While the outcomes for the children in the PTP have been rigorously tested using objective measures of reading gains, the impact of the program on the parents has yet to be documented. The findings from this research will contribute to ongoing research into which aspects of this pedagogy are enduring and helpful and which ones prove troublesome or difficult to apply (for parents and for teachers). These findings, on the sustainability and durability of the pedagogy, will contribute to related classroom-based research in this field
    Short titleParent perceptions of what constitutes effective l
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