Part 2 - Determination of thoraco-abdominal organ location using low dose X-ray and 3D body surface scans with correlation from MRI: Applications for body armour design

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This research project has two parts with separate aims. Combining the two components represents economies of effort and expenditure as the data collection of Part 1 will be used during Part 2.

Part 2: Validate low-dose x-ray technique
Plan: Scan 10 female participants (from Part 1) and 10 additional male participants with low dose X-rays of the chest in an erect posture and complete 3D surface scans of the chest and upper abdominal regions. The participants will also undergo erect MRI scans (as per Part 1). Correlation of the X-ray and 3D surface scans will be undertaken with the MRI scans.
Aim: Determine if X-ray and 3D surface scans can be used accurately determine the 3D shape and position of important lower thoracic / upper abdominal organ locations for body armour coverage analysis.
Effective start/end date1/09/2129/04/22


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