Phase 1 Clinical Trial, and pre-clinical optimisation, of a novel cancer immunotherapy combination

  • Fahrer, Aude (CI)

Project: Research

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Our team combines medical scientists from the ANU Research School of Biology, with clinical oncologists from the Canberra Region Cancer Centre. Our team has already devised a novel cancer immunotherapy, and we are currently completing the phase I trial. Our therapy has the advantage of having very low side effects, requiring few treatments, and being applicable to a wide range of cancer types.
In this application, we are aiming to
1. improve the formulation of our cancer immunotherapy
2. optimise a treatment combination with immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies
3. start a clinical trial of the combination therapy in ACT cancer patients.
First and foremost, our aim is to improve treatment outcomes, and the quality of life of cancer patients. We also aim to generate valuable data from both our pre-clinical and clinical study which will contribute to basic scientific knowledge about cancer immunotherapy.
Effective start/end date14/06/2231/12/24


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