• Strange, Shane (CI)

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Coordinated through Jo Haslam at Research Office

Cat 2 Project funding from ACT City Renewal Authority

This research project is part of a larger interest in the connection between arts participation and urban renewal and development. In this project we have asked a number of poets to perform work in situ during the Enlightenment Festival to the audience found in Garema Place, Civic, Canberra. These poets come from a variety of backgrounds, including young poets, multilingual poets, performance and page poets. The idea will be to, within the context of the space being utilised for the festival, disrupt what is otherwise a place of business, thereby beginning to reconfigure or reemphasise the space as one of potential meeting, community and artistic practice. The outcomes of this project will be reported upon in a one-page document indicating the level of participation and success in activating Poet’s Corner during the festival.
Effective start/end date2/03/1831/03/18


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