Preservation Needs Assessment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art and Artefact Collection

  • Ireland, Tracy (CI)
  • Abdul Hakim Bin Abdul Rahim, Hakim Abdul Rahim (CoI)

Project: Research

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Following the Significance Assessment of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art and Artefact Collection, this project will research the physical characteristics of the collection and its preservation needs. The project will be undertaken by a professional Conservator with experience in indigenous / objects based collections.

The project will undertake a collection survey which will look into the condition of the collection as a whole, looking at its physical condition and investigate areas of concern regarding specific collection areas or objects within. Secondly the project will seek to examine the environmental and building conditions the collection is stored in and will look into ascertaining needs for improvement of storage. Lastly the project will examine the preventive collection practices and policies and seek recommendations to improve preservations and conservation practices through policies such as exhibition guidelines, disaster management and improved housekeeping practices.
Short titlePreservation Nees Research ATSI Collection
Effective start/end date24/10/171/11/18


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