Rare isotopes as tracers of prosthesis debris (administered by UNSW through ADFA)

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The incidence of knee replacement surgery in Australia is 30,000 per year. Limited by wear debris, the lifespan of knee implants is only 10-15 years and can be much shorter. Due to increasing life expectancy, many patients need several surgical procedures. As a multi-disciplinary team of materials-,isotope-tracing-,and medical-experts, we aim to understand and monitor wear debris in prostheses. Knee replacement surgery alone imposes a high burden on annually half a billion dollars on the Australian health budget. Controlling and reducing wear debris in prosthesis joints would reduce these costs and improve patients' quality of life.
Short titleRare isotopes as tracers of prosthesis debris (adm
Effective start/end date24/09/07 → …


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