Rice Honours ACT Govt - Will manipulating the time of survey (5am – 9am) enhance the detection rate of the Grassland Earless Dragons

  • Briggs, Sue (CoI)
  • Deakin, Janine (CI)
  • Dusting, Adrian (CoI)
  • Brawata, Renee (CoI)
  • Seddon, Julian (CoI)
  • Rice, Elissa (CoI)

Project: Research

Project Details


This scholarship paid to the University of Canberra will be used to fund an honours student stipend. The stipend is to be paid to the student conducting a project which will examine the relationship between mammals and fire history in two data poor vegetation communities within Namadgi National Park. This honours project will investigate the impact of burn history on mammal presence and activity in wet tussock grasslands and frost hollow woodlands in Namadgi National Park. The effect of up to four different burn histories will be examined, including long unburnt areas, areas burnt in the 2003 fires and the impact of the recent Orroral Valley wildfire. Digital cameras will be used for data collection.
Effective start/end date1/05/2031/03/22


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