River Bank Stability along the Murray River at Torrumbarry Weir Pool, Murray Darling Basin

  • THOMS, Martin (CI)

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    The project is an assessment of river bank stability along the Torrumbarry Weir Pool in relation to a partial lowering of the weir pool during July/August 2005. The condition of the riverbanks along the Murray and in particular their stability has been identified as an increasing problem in the midreaches of the River Murray that may be contributing to the overall integrity of the river. This project aims to assess the condition of river banks along the section within the Torrumbarry Weir Pool and identify other important geomorphic features of the river channel in this reach; identify the mechanisms of bank instability in the study area area; and provid possible management options to address bank instability in the Torrumbarry Weir Pool.
    Short titleRiver Bank Stability along the Murray River at Tor
    Effective start/end date30/06/0530/10/05


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