Ross River virus identification of virulence determinants in clinical isolates from across Australia

  • MAHALINGAM, Suresh (CI)
  • Gilbert, Gwendolyn (CoI)
  • Hall, Roy (CoI)
  • Herring, Belinda (CoI)
  • Johansen, Cheryl (CoI)
  • Lindsay, Michael D. A. (CoI)
  • Russell, Richard (CoI)
  • Smith, David (CoI)
  • Smith, Greg (CoI)

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    Diseases caused by mosquito borne viruses are increasing at an alarming rate worldwide. The one with the most impact in Australia is Ross River virus, which affects 5000-8000 people each year. This project aims to investigate differences in the virulence of the virus from various geographic regions of Australia. Some viruses are known to replicate more, cause greater symptoms, persist longer and cause disease for longer. This project will: 1) identify the viral elements that correlate to disease, particularly long term disease; 2) assist in designing strategies for the control, treatment and eradication of these viruses; and 3) help predict their emergence. The knowledge gained from this research will be of immense benefit to the community.'',
    Short titleRoss River virus identification of virulence deter
    Effective start/end date31/03/1031/12/12


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