Saving the spinys: urgent actions to conserve the Euastacus freshwater crayfish

  • Lintermans, Mark (CI)

Project: Research

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The services outlined in this agreement partially fulfil requirements of a grant (to Aquasave–NGT) provided under the Australian Government’s Wildlife and Habitat Bushfire Recovery Program to undertake on-ground action to help bushfire affected wildlife and habitat. Specifically, the services of this agreement relate to collaborative involvement in the grant funded project, including (but not limited) to:
• Collecting or synthesising baseline data through field surveys for all priority species, with a focus on E. crassus and E. reiki to provide:
– Field surveys for all priority species, by surveying E. crassus and E. reiki to assess the status across range; identify remnant populations; and evaluate of threats (impacting identified remnant populations)
• Development of Species Expert Assessment Plan (SEAP) for all 22 priority species and contribute to recovery plans and/or conservation advices
• Evaluation of the feasibility of applying conservation translocations to aid recovery of all 22 priority species
Short titleCrayfish
Effective start/end date10/08/2031/10/21


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