Scoping review and synthesis of evidence of the impact of policy and regulatory settings on the potential for mitigating gambling harm

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The Commission is seeking to better understand the impact policy and regulatory settings have on the potential to mitigate (or conversely, exacerbate) gambling harm, while building the evidence base for gambling harm prevention strategies. Thus, an overall research question of “what is the best practice for the link between policy, regulatory settings, and gambling harm?” will underpin the scoping study.
This detailed, mixed-methods study will contribute toward the Commission’s Research Themes in the Research Agenda. In particular, it will contribute toward Monitoring; Community Impact; and Harm Prevention. A scoping review of research will be undertaken to contribute toward exploring the following research questions:
Research Questions:
1. What research has been conducted into the relationship between policy and regulatory settings and gambling harm?
2. What evidence do we have of the impact of different policy and regulatory settings on the potential for mitigating or generating gambling harm?
3. Is there evidence of ‘best practice’ in this space?
4. How does the ACT compare to other jurisdictions (based on available research evidence)? (Detailed Australian state/territory analysis, and broader OECD country analysis where applicable)
5. What research gaps are identified by the scoping review, both generally and in terms of research related to the ACT and its policy and regulatory settings?
Short titleResponsible Gambling Scoping Review
Effective start/end date21/01/2231/08/24


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