Silent witness: New analytical approaches to advance and enhance the forensic value of human hair

  • Lennard, Chris (CI)
  • Cooper, Alan (CoI)
  • Mcnevin, Dennis (CoI)
  • Roux, Claude (CoI)

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    Hair is one of the most common forms of evidence found at crime scenes. However, the use of microscopy for hair comparison is a subjective science, extremely dependent on the experience of the hair examiner. The value of this evidence has been questioned in light of the high levels of objectivity associated with DNA profiling. This project will produce a radical new hair examination protocol that draws upon recent advances in technology including composite colour imaging, pigmentation pattern recognition and ancient DNA genotyping. Together with microscopy, these techniques will be combined to form a comprehensive decision-tree that will bring new levels of objectivity to human hair examination.
    Short titleSilent witness: New analytical approaches to advan
    Effective start/end date1/10/0831/12/12


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