Size and Effect of School Excursions to the National Capital, 2023

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Teacher and coach driver surveys have been conducted biennially by the University of Canberra since 1999. The University will again commissioned by the NCETP to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of school visitation in 2023, including:
● developing a methodology to accurately monitor monthly and annual visitation to the ACT by school groups
● profiling the nature of the school excursion market to the ACT
● examining the impact of a visit to the National Capital on a students’ sense of
nationhood and their development of citizenry concepts and ideals.

Accordingly, this report provides information relating to the 11th survey, seeking to replicate the methodology of the 2001 evaluation as closely as possible and subsequent evaluations, to allow comparison of data over the years, as well as investigating a range of particular issues.
Short titleNCETP Report
Effective start/end date12/10/2330/11/23


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