Social Inclusion and Exclusion among Australia's Children: A spatial perspective

  • Daly, Anne (CI)
  • Harding, Ann (CoI)
  • Harding, Ann (CoI)
  • LEWIS, Phil (CoI)

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    Numerous studies have shown that socio-economic disadvantage experienced by children has major adverse effects on health and well-being that persist for the rest of their lives. This project will deliver major national benefits by providing quantitative evidence and analysis of the current spatial distribution of various forms of disadvantage and social exclusion among Australia's children and of any changes to these spatial patterns during the past 15 years. This enhanced evidence base will assist all levels of government in decisions about needs-based planning of government services and in the development of possible policy responses.
    Short titleSocial Inclusion and Exclusion among Australia's C
    Effective start/end date1/01/0531/12/08


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