Software Defined Radio over Cloud (SDRoC) for Satellite Ground Stations

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Cingulan Space (Cingulan) is seeking a PHD candidate to build a proof-of-concept SDRoC system to answer some initial key questions about it’s architecture - the end state is for Cingulan have the confidence to invest further in moving it’s satellite ground station operations to a cloud based architecture. At the moment there are a number of unknowns in taking this approach and is why Cingulan wants to start with a proof-of-concept SDRoC to resolve some of the unknowns. Specifically:

(Essential) What are the key network/cloud constraints in achieving real-time digitisation to the cloud?
(Essential) What are the best transport protocols to use e.g. UDP/RDP etc?
(Desirable) Is there a recommended minimum data buffer size required at the Edge to ensure that network latency doesn’t result in data loss?
(Desirable) Is it possible to configure and control the SDR hardware from the cloud in real-time or does this need a local processor
Short titleAPRIP
Effective start/end date16/08/2115/11/21


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