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Provides a dataset with the following information.

The file contains the mean value of the following variables
• Wage income
• Business income
• Other income
• Weekly working hours
• Total income tax paid at the individual level
• Medicare levy and Medicare levy surcharge
• Individual benefit type (primary)
• Individual benefit (taxable part)
• Individual benefit (non-taxable part)
• Income unit disposable income
• Health insurance rebate (income unit level)
• FTB-A (income unit level)
• FTB-B (income unit level)
• Per capita disposable income

In the following population

• Disabled (inferred) and not working
• Not disabled and working full-time or part-time
• Not disabled (all groups including employed, full-time, part-time employed, economically inactive, work for dole, long-term unemployed)
• Five-year or sensible age group
Effective start/end date10/10/1831/08/19


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