Strengthening agricultural resilience in Western Province: Mapping place-based strengths and assets

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This scoping study seeks to draw on the lessons learnt from decades of development work in the Western Province. It takes a place-based approach by recognising the diverse geographic, ecological and socio-cultural contexts across Western Province. It also takes a strengths-based approach by seeking to build a wider understanding of local people’s current economic (largely artisanal) activities and their diverse livelihood assets across broad geographic and cultural contexts.
The research consists of one integrated project broken down into two small research projects: FIS/2021/113 is led by UC and focuses on practice. This project (FIS/2021/122) aims to better understand what people in the Western Province (with a focus on the South Fly) currently do in relation to economic activity and market engagement. This will be achieved by collating and interpreting available data and seeking insights from PNG experts and those with local knowledge. This work will produce maps of economic activity showing its diversity across the province. It will include an assessment of the biophysical resources at a sub-regional scale and the threats to their sustainability (past, current and under future climate change).
Short titleStrengthening agricultural resilience in WP: Mapping Assets
Effective start/end date24/05/2331/12/23


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