Studies of the degradation of dyes and pigments in inks on paper, in photographic media, and on painted surfaces (see comments)

  • Creagh, Dudley (CI)
  • Batterham, Ian (CoI)
  • Hallam, David (CoI)
  • Heath, Graham (CoI)

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    The national collecting institutions (the National Archives of Australia, the National Museum of Australia, Screensound Australia, the National Library of Australia, and the Australian War Memorial) have collections important to our national heritage on paper, photographic film and other media which they are required by law to preserve for future generations of Australians. Surveys of their collections have shown that a significant proportion of their most important collectsions is in need of conservation. This project aims at determining ways of conserving these valuable artefacts, and developing strategies for their display and storage
    Short titleStudies of the degradation of dyes and pigments in
    Effective start/end date10/02/0431/12/06


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