SugarMumma: A smartphone app for the management of gestational diabetes

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Our current technology development is TRL 2 and this funding aims to deliver the project to TRL 6 by:
•Establishing a user group to participate in co-design. This will provide an opportunity for us to validate our concept and address any concerns.
•Engaging App developers: Specialist software programmers will follow our strategic goals, create UI/UX design, undertake validity testing, prepare product road map, develop API, and launch our App via various platforms.
•Specifying functionality, features, graphic design and user interface: The created dashboard will serve as a visual health record and summarise the most essential metrics for users. Users will be able to control data and information that the app can access. A chat and messaging feature will be incorporated to help users interact with other members of various support groups as a form of motivation to achieve health goals. Cloud integration will be enabled to permit users to access their data at any time and transfer their health records as required, for instance, when a healthcare provider requests them. Privacy functions will be put in place including data encryption and multifactor authentication. Analytics integration will be included so that we can gather enough data to ensure ongoing improvements are made to the App
•Undertaking the road from prototype to beta testing: At this stage the final ‘packaging’ may not be final, but it should be ready to test the design, design specifications and PRD.
Our proposed App (SugarMumma) will focus on the needs of women with GDM and include the following features:
•Information about GDM, and gestational weight gain tracker with individual guidance on optimal weight gain. Logging of intermittent blood glucose readings and the option of integration with continuous glucose monitoring devices for real time readings of blood glucose levels. Logging of antihyperglycemic medications. Logging of carbohydrate exchanges and the option of integration with MyFitnessPal to record nutritional intake. Recommendations for nutrition in pregnancy. Logging of physical activity and the option of integration with activity tracking devices.
•Recommendations for physical activity in pregnancy.
•Graphs providing trend data in blood glucose levels, mapped against medications, carbohydrate intake and physical activity.
•Reports for health professionals.
•Information about fetal development.
•Tips and motivational messages for managing GDM.
•Bluetooth capability for matching with continuous glucose monitoring technology.

Short titleSugarMumma
Effective start/end date13/11/2214/11/23


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