Temporal integration of visual signals by the retina

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Our limited understanding of how the eye integrates visual signals over time to guide eye growth has significant ramifications on how we design and prescribe optical myopia control interventions, particularly the treatment duration and schedule. The proposed project addresses this significant gap in our understanding by investigating the temporal integration of visual signals by the retina in response to various magnitudes and durations of optical defocus. This will provide critical information of the optimal duration and schedule required to maximize the efficacy of current optical-based treatments. Any such increase in efficacy will have significant clinical ramifications as every increased diopter of effective myopia control that can be generated from such treatments can reduce the risk of ocular pathology, especially for fast progressors. Furthermore, an increase in effectiveness will lead to greater uptake by practitioners, with optical-based treatments currently accounting for only 37% of the market including just 14% allocated to multifocal contact lenses. There is a significant opportunity to encourage increased uptake of optical-based interventions by practitioners worldwide.
Short titleEye growth signals
Effective start/end date17/06/2131/03/22


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