The biology of arbovirus virulence and fitness in arthropod and vertebrate hosts in vivo

  • MAHALINGAM, Surendran (CI)
  • Kay, Brian (CoI)
  • Ryan, Peter (CoI)

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    The incidence of human and animal diseases caused by mosquito borne viruses has increased at an alarming rate globally. The project aims to utilize state-of-the-art reverse genetics technology to address the mechanisms regulating the virulence/fitness of the virus during transition from the mosquito vector to mammalian host. This project is significant, as it will: 1) provide information that is essential for understanding the mechanisms of viral-host adaptations; 2) assist in the design of strategies for the control, treatment and eradication of these viruses; and 3) help predict their emergence. The knowledge gained from this research will be of immense benefit to the community worldwide.
    Short titleThe biology of arbovirus virulence and fitness in
    Effective start/end date21/09/0721/09/10


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