The impact of structured and unstructured loose parts play on children’s mathematical creativity and mathematical skills for children in middle primary school years.

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Creativity is a twenty first century skill that has been linked to improved academic grades. Researchers and educators recognise play as a tool to increase creativity, however little evidence supports this, particularly in the middle primary school years. In an effort to understand the impacts that play has on creativity, this study examines the impact of structured and unstructured loose parts play on creativity through a mathematical lens. This project will deliver an experimental 12-week intensive play program, using Nudel Kart loose parts resources, in an ACT primary school. The project will compare academic mathematical grades and creativity measures in a control group, and two treatment groups pre, mid and post intervention. The project will run in Semester 2 of 2022 and will demonstrate how creativity can be aligned with the Australian Mathematics Curriculum and implemented through play-based pedagogy.
Effective start/end date1/07/2231/12/22


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