The Tiger, the fox, the cat or the devil: hunting for Tasmania's mammalian predators using DNA analysis of scats (see comments)

  • Sarre, Stephen (CI)
  • Berry, Oliver (CoI)
  • Lapidge, Steven (CoI)
  • Mooney, N (CoI)

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    We will develop and test new and cost effective diagnostic DNA markers as tools for identifying Tasmania's large predatory mammals from faecal samples. The markers will be used to survey for mammalian predators in an area where illegally introduced foxes are known to be present. This research will enable assessments of the threat posed by the fox; the possible identification of remant populations of the Tasmanian tiger; and the mapping of the distribution of all of Tasmania's large carnivores. This research will also have far reaching implications for Australian wildlife and vertebrate pests by providing DNA tools for their management.
    Short titleThe Tiger, the fox, the cat or the devil: hunting
    Effective start/end date22/03/0422/03/05


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