Toward a sustainable-resilient supply chain: a case study in Australia-China trade

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The project aims to study what is, and how to build and manage, a sustainable-resilient global supply chain based on global trade and then apply this understanding to a case of Australia-China trade. This aim is achieved through the following research objectives.
• To model a performance measurement system to evaluate the global supply chain using network Data Envelopment Analysis.
• To develop a sustainable-resilient supply chain management system for international trade.
• To build a conceptual framework and performance assessment system to manage risks and enhance the resilience of a sustainable supply chain.
• To explore digital technologies to enhance the sustainability and resilience of the global supply chain.
• To design a mixed sustainability and resilience approach to measure supply chain performance for the industry partner.
• To provide recommendations for the partner toward building an integrated sustainable-resilient-digital supply chain.
Effective start/end date1/02/2430/06/27


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