UC Visiting Research Scholar Scheme 2006 - Prof Dr Dirk Wallschalger

  • Maher, Bill (CI)
  • Foster, Simon (CoI)
  • Mcqueen, Ken (CoI)
  • Mcqueen, Ken (CoI)
  • Waring, Joel (CoI)

Project: Other

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It is hoped that the result of the collaboration with Prof Wallschlager will be a research project investigating the mobilisation and cycling of arsenic and selenium compounds in seagrass, mangrove and estuarine sediments. It is also envisaged that Prof Maher or a postgrad research student will visit Dr Wallschlagers laboratory in Canada in 2007
Short titleUC Visiting Research Scholar Scheme 2006 - Prof Dr
Effective start/end date4/09/068/09/06


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