Using Action Learning as a Tool for Developing Effective Student-Centred Personalised Learning Experiences

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Customising learning for each student's strengths, needs and interests is theoretically sound, but pragmatically challenging. Current research and practice have placed much emphasis on schools using personalised learning (PL) to increase student outcomes. However, there is a lack of guidelines for teachers to meaningfully use PL. This project will examine the strengths of 'Action Learning' as a framework to engage teachers in developing student-centred personalised learning in literacy and numeracy. This case study will involve six teachers from Gold Creek School and six teachers from Melba Copland Secondary School. The study aims to examine the role of Action Learning in designing PL for a group of students to meet their desired learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy. The study will collect data from the iterative processes of the Action Learning model: identification of the problems, determining solutions, implementing solutions and reflection and evaluation. Results of the project will be disseminated through a symposium of personalised learning for Australian teachers.
Effective start/end date15/10/2130/07/23


  • ACT Education and Training Directorate


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