VertiSense - Mitigation of Sensorimotor Effects Following Simulated Weightlessness

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NASA 2019 Human Exploration Research Opportunities identifies the need for countermeasures to mitigate effects of weightlessness-induced sensorimotor disturbances following spaceflight. We have validated a novel system for assessing negative sensorimotor disturbances and subsequently developed a wearable countermeasure to mitigate problems. With Australian industry partners elmTek and SRCHealth this project creates new Australian Space Industry opportunities by; Enabling the construction and deployment of the novel system for use at NASA and ESA facilities; Fabricating the wearable countermeasure to allow participation in the NASA project; Commercial production of operational sensorimotor assessment and countermeasure for human spaceflight.
Short titleStand Up on Splash Down
Effective start/end date10/06/2030/03/22


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