Wildlife Forensics: Tracking Wildlife Seizures back to Source

  • Georges, Arthur (CI)
  • Alacs, Erika Anne (CoI)
  • FITZSIMMONS, Nancy (CoI)
  • FITZSIMMONS, Nancy (CoI)

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    Wildlife cirme is on the increase principally because the lenient penalties make it a lucrative enterprise. Australian reptiles are unique and in demand to supply the pet shop industry. The greatest challenge in regulating this trade is to provide evidence for the conviction of wildlife offenders.This project aims to use nuclear molecular markers to provide finer resolution in the ability to identify the source of animals moving through the trade (ie Chelodina rugosa), and in particularly to assist in demonstrating that traded animals have derived from legitimate sources (Arnhem Land)
    Short titleWildlife Forensics: Tracking Wildlife Seizures bac
    Effective start/end date27/04/0727/04/08


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