Wildlife Genotyping Facility

  • Georges, Arthur (CI)
  • FITZSIMMONS, Nancy (CoI)
  • FITZSIMMONS, Nancy (CoI)
  • LIDBURY, Brett (CoI)
  • NORRIS, Richard (CoI)
  • SARRE, Stephen (CoI)

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    The Applied Ecology Research Group, with the assistance of the Capital Works Program and the Divisional Strategic Initiatives Scheme has developed a new and exciting Wildlife Genetics Laboratory. It provides a key link between the AERG and proposed ARS in Forensics and is a central component in the CRC for Invasive Animals proposal. This funding will develop procedural protocols necessary to have the lab function as a PC2 facility. It is also planned that the lab will be used for the management of Australasian, Asian and Pacific Vertebrates and eventually become self supporting through contractual research and fee for service activity.
    Short titleWildlife Genotyping Facility
    Effective start/end date20/05/0520/05/06


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