Australian sport - better by design? The evolution of Australian sport policy

Bob Stewart, Matthew Nicholson, Aaron Smith, Hans Westerbeek

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Australians have invested an enormous amount of emotional and physical capital in their sporting systems and structures. While Australian sport has many times been dissected from a historical and cultural perspective, there is little detailed analysis of sport's relationship with government. The book focuses on sport policy, and examines the ways in which government has affected the development of Australian sport since 1919. The text identifies the political, economic and cultural context in which policies were set, and examines critical policy shifts. The book also provides a strong theoretical foundation by first discussing the underlying principles of policy formulation, and second, the rationale for government intervention in national sport. It includes a number of sport policy case studies, with particular attention to the following topics: Elite and Community sport development Trends in participation and sport fan preferences Problems in attracting young people to sport participation Improving the management systems of sporting bodies Government policy on sport broadcasting Tools for evaluating sport policy Providing a unique blend of theory, history and practice, this text provides an essential foundation for sport policy analysis and will be read by students of sport studies and sport management as well as professionals with an interest in sport development.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages208
ISBN (Print)0203462920, 9780203462928
Publication statusPublished - 28 Oct 2004
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