Australian student radiographers’ experiences and perspectives in general paediatric medical imaging examinations

Chandra Makanjee, Joanne Tsui, Matilda Treller, Katie Franscis, Alli Issa, C. M. Hayre, Shantel Lewis

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Introduction: Paediatric patients differ from adult patients with respect to anatomy, examination factors, behaviour, and intellectual development, requiring dedicated specialised knowledge and expertise. In the
absence of a formal dedicated paediatric medical imaging subspecialty, this study undertook to understand student radiographers' experiences and perspectives on paediatric medical imaging.
Methods: The study entailed a descriptive cross-sectional survey design entailed a 51-item closed and open-ended response questionnaire using a total sampling method. Data were collected from both underand postgraduate student radiographers who undertook clinical placement. Data interpretation and
analysis involved statistical analysis of close-ended questions and thematic analysis of open-ended questions.
Results: The overall response rate was 70%. Most participants acknowledged the importance of dedicated
paediatric content as well as the theory content covered. The shortcoming in pre-placement practical component was overcome through varied approaches like observations and attempting through supervision whilst experiencing uncertainty, anxiety and felt unfair to risk the patient. As reported in
literature like their qualified counterparts expressed similar challenges in technique adaptation, styles of interactions in gaining cooperation from both the children and parents. They also felt paediatric content and the practicals should be embedded throughout the course offering to not compromise the day-today service delivery.
Conclusions: The study findings iterate the importance paediatric imaging in the service delivery context. The importance of undertaking these examinations reliant on experiential learning is insufficient to bridge the gap of preparation prior to placement.
Implications for practice: Collaborative academic and clinical radiography education will ensure that radiography students’ dedicated specialised paediatric imaging knowledge and experience are enhanced.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)604-609
Number of pages6
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - May 2023


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