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In January 2014 NATSPEC issued the first version of a report summarising the status of BIM education in a number of countries across the globe. The report has been updated and reissued each year since, with this report being version 6.0 of what is now an annual update to the original report. Each year the countries included in previous versions of the report are given the opportunity to update their section to reflect the current status of BIM education in their respective countries. In the updated versions since the original 2014 report, additional countries have provided input, expanding the scope of the original report. This sixth edition of the report includes information for 17 countries.
Most countries are reporting BIM education being provided to Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) students by their higher education and technical training institutions. However, this year it would appear that, in general, the number of courses being offered compared to last year has not increased significantly, with countries such as Chile and Hong Kong being the exception. This may indicate that the number of courses offering some form of BIM education may be reaching saturation in many countries. Many countries do however note that the content of the material being delivered in such courses can be expanded upon to cover more detailed aspects of BIM and its potential applications. Studies carried out by some of the countries report that there are many challenges being faced by educators in regards to incorporating BIM into the curricula, such as the knowledge base/skills of educators, resources available and a simple resistance to change. Most countries’ higher education institutions are including structured BIM education within the syllabus of their AEC courses, at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level. Countries such as Australia, Chile, Finland, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, UK and USA are reporting a significant volume of courses and subjects available. Many vocational education institutions are also providing BIM education to the industry’s workforce. Whilst the majority of BIM education being provided still tends to focus on the use of particular BIM software packages. It continues to be reported that training for both graduates and professionals in openBIM concepts, BIM management, Sustainable BIM, BIM for FM and Life Cycle Costing and working in
collaborative BIM environments, appears to be increasing. Countries including Australia, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and UK have reported training and education being available in these
topics. As previously reported, certification schemes to validate the BIM knowledge of professionals in industry continue to be provided. Countries such as Australia, Canada, South Africa, UK and USA have all reported the existence or
development of such schemes in their respective countries.
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PublisherNATSPEC/Construction Informatics
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Publication statusPublished - May 2019


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