Comment on “Evaluating and modelling splash detachment capacity based on laboratory experiments” by Wu et al. (2019) Catena 176, 189–196

P. I.A. Kinnell

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In an experiment where one of the objectives was to evaluate the effects of slope gradient and rainfall intensity on splash detachment capacity, the authors measured material splashed into slots along the sides of an area eroding by rain-impacted flow. They concluded from their results that their finding was not consistent with previous reports which suggested that splash detachment capacity could be predicted by a power function of rainfall intensity and slope gradient. In rain-impacted flows, a number of transport mechanisms operate in the flow in addition to material transported by splash. Given that only particles that are transported by the transport by splash are considered in the work reported in this paper, the results presented do not give data on how rainfall characteristics and slope gradient influence detachment in raindrop driven erosion. Also, because the transport mechanisms that exist in rain-impacted flow are not 100% efficient, it is not possible to determine detachment by raindrops in rain-impacted flows from the measurement of sediments discharged by splash and surface water flows in experiments like those reported in this paper.

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Article number104189
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 2019


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