Diagnostic radiography students’ perspectives on cultural competence and safety

Chandra Makanjee, Michelle Allen , Jia Min Lee, Jayanti Gyawali, Christopher Hayre, Shantel Lewis

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Introduction: Cultural competency and safety are essential components to consider in the provision of person-centred equitable healthcare. Therefore, student radiographers' learning should include the necessary knowledge, skill sets and competence to recognise the patient's unique characteristics to enable culturally competent and safe medical imaging services. Therefore, this study explored undergraduate and postgraduate diagnostic radiography students' perspectives on cultural competency and safety. Methods: A qualitative phenomenological design with a hermeneutic phenomenological approach was followed to explore student perspectives. Student radiographers (second and third-year undergraduate and first and second-year postgraduate) from the study site were purposively and conveniently recruited to participate in focus group interviews. Fifteen focus group interviews were conducted, recorded and transcribed verbatim before undergoing thematic analysis. Results: Thematic analysis identified two themes. Theme one centred around the cultural competence and safety learnt by student radiographers at university and the second theme cultural competence and safety learnt in workplace learning. Conclusion: This study demonstrated the importance of cultural competence and safe practice in examining patients of different cultures. It highlights the importance of creating awareness among students of their own abilities and capabilities of cultural sensitivity and safe practice as part of their learning. Future health professionals should be empowered to address and respond to patients’ unique needs in a competent, safe and professional manner to reduce health disparities. Implications for practice: Cultural competence and safety are integral to person-centred care. Including these concepts in radiography education is therefore vital to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)S96-S102
Number of pages7
Early online date17 Mar 2023
Publication statusPublished - May 2023


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