Effect of patellar strap and sports tape on jumper's knee symptoms: protocol of a randomised controlled trial

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Introduction: Patellar straps or sports tapes are commonly used by athletes with patellar tendinopathy in order to reduce pain and to continue sports participation. Currently, there is no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of a patellar strap or sports tape in the management of this common injury. Aim: To investigate the effect of the use of a patellar strap and sports tape on pain and sports participation in subjects with patellar tendinopathy.
Design: The study is divided into two parts: a randomised controlled crossover experiment and a randomised controlled trial (parallel group design). Participants and setting: 140 patients diagnosed with patellar tendinopathy recruited from sports medical centres and physiotherapist practices. Intervention: In the first part of the study, participants serve as their own control by performing three functional tests under four different conditions (patellar strap, sports tape, placebo tape, and no orthosis). In the second part, participants keep a log for two weeks (control week and intervention week) about the pain experienced during and after sports and
their level of sports participation. In the intervention week participants will use the orthosis assigned to them during training and competition.
Measurements: The amount of pain (both parts of the study) and sports participation (second part only) will be measured. Analysis: To analyse the effects of the orthoses a Linear Mixed Model will be used.
Discussion: The knowledge gained in this study can be used by practitioners in their advice for athletes with patellar endinopathy about using patellar strap and sports tape during sports.
Original languageEnglish
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JournalJournal of Physiotherapy
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2013
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