Erratum to “Reply to comment on “Determining soil erodibility for the USLE-MM rainfall erosion model by P.I.A. Kinnell”” [Catena 167 (2018) 444–447]

P. I.A. Kinnell

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    The publisher regrets that errors occurred in the typesetting of two equations in Kinnell (2018). Eq. (1) should appear as [Formula presented] In Eq. (1) A e,1 is the soil loss for an event on the unit plot, Q Re.1 is the runoff coefficient for unit plot for the event, EI 30 is the product of event rainfall kinetic energy and the maximum 30-minute intensity, b1 is an empirical factor and K UMM is the soil erodibility when (Q Re.1 EI 30 ) b1 is used as the erosivity index. K UMM has units that vary when b1 varies geographically, a situation that is undesirable when predicting soil losses using the USLE modelling approach. Eq. (6) should appear as [Formula presented] a1 is the factor that appears in Eq. (2), [Formula presented] that enables K UMM to be replaced by K UM , the soil erodibility factor associated with the Q Re.1 EI 30 erosivity index. Eq. (6) results from [Formula presented] a1 is mathematically related to b1 and contrary to K UMM , K UM has units that do not vary with b1. Consequently, Eq. (2) uses soil erodibility values that are consistent with the USLE modelling approach. The publisher would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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    Publication statusPublished - 1 Aug 2019


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