Imagine if each of us could direct where our taxes were spent. Meet TaxTrack

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Ahead of this week’s budget, Treasurer Jim Chalmers says he wants Australians to prepare for a serious conversation about how to pay for the services we need.

We’ve developed a proposal to make that conversation more real.

Australians pay a lot of tax (although less than in some other countries) and we pay it in a lot of ways: through income tax, the goods and services tax, excise duties, stamp duties, council rates, and capital gains tax.

Most of us accept tax, if grudgingly. But many aren’t happy with how it is spent.

Enter TaxTrack – our hypothetical proposal for democratising taxation, details of which are to be published in the Australasian Parliamentary Review.
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Specialist publicationThe Conversation
Publication statusPublished - 24 Oct 2022


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