Lifelong Learning: An annotated bibliography

Beverley Axford, Thea Moyes

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    This annotated bibliography has been prepared for the Lifelong Learning Network as part of the Department for Education, Science and Training (DEST) funded project ‘Lifelong learning in Australia: policy directions and applications’. The first stage of the project aimed to identify gaps in research that need to be addressed. This annotated bibliography brings together 224 separate reports and research papers compiled by the Lifelong Learning Network to demonstrate the scope of contemporary research on lifelong learning. The collection is not exhaustive and no clear boundary has been drawn around lifelong learning as a policy and research domain. The bibliography aims to demonstrate the breadth of issues being addressed under lifelong learning and it is arranged under a series of subject headings that reflect: (1) traditional education and training structures; (2) current moves towards increased cross-sectoral provision of education and training; and (3) current trends towards linking education and training provision and outcomes more directly with labour markets. The bibliography indicates that lifelong learning is a term widely used by politicians and policy agencies as a ‘catch-all’ term to address the broad range of education and training issues that have arisen along with recent economic and technological changes embraced by the term ‘globalisation’. As a consequence, lifelong learning is a central concept in international forums such as OECD and UNESCO. In Australia, lifelong learning has been a key theme in policy statements and reviews of education and training in each of the sectors: schools, higher education, vocational education and training (VET), and adult community education (ACE). Although the term is widely used in policy contexts, it continues to lack a single conceptual foundation.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages99
    ISBN (Print)0642773912
    Publication statusPublished - 2003


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