Measuring spelling competence: Proofreading and editing, or production from dictation?


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Low literacy skills cost 1 à 2% of the gross national product (Vernooy, 2012). In response to the economic circumstances in Europe, reducing costs of assessment and interventions need to be considered. This symposium aims to study predictors for spelling (dis)abilities and investigate if screeners and interventions can be developed as public good. In the first paper kindergarten predictors of at risk spelling are studied in children followed up from kindergarten till grade 1 (n = 142). In the second paper the efficacy of an intervention to improve children’s invented spelling in kindergarten was studied (n = 124). The third paper focuses on subskills of low-achieving and high achieving spellers in grade 3 till 6 (n = 512). Finally the writing and spelling of students with and without dyslexia (n = 200) were compared in higher education. The scientific relevance of this symposium lies in the fact that similar predictors were studied across ages including transparent and less transparent languages. These predictors can guide political and societal decision-makers to develop screeners for the early detection of children at risk. In addition the symposium demonstrates that an early intervention can enhance spelling skills, helping to fill the gap between children at-risk and peers without additional education needs. These studies have therefore several educational implications. Clinicians are encouraged to select early predictors and spelling tests with caution when assessing and predicting abilities and disabilities. In addition the results can guide early and targeted interventions for individuals at risk.
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Publication statusPublished - 2017
EventEuropean Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction - Tampere, Finland, Tampere, Finland
Duration: 27 Aug 20172 Sept 2017


ConferenceEuropean Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction
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