Merlion: The influence of Singapore's cosmopolitan culture on workplace incivility

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This chapter provides a picture of workplace incivility in Singapore. Workplace incivility operates as a means of asserting social power. The chapter examines whether certain cultural features make incivility more accepted in Singaporean workplaces. Furthermore, given the increased cultural exchanges between East and West, knowledge of workplace incivility is vital to help employers and employees better understand their workplaces. The Merlion is now regarded as a national icon of Singapore, and as an important symbol. As a collectivist society, Singaporeans tend to prioritise group needs over personal needs. Individuals are integrated from birth into strong, cohesive in-groups which provide them with life-long protection. Collectivism imposes certain expectations and obligations on individuals, such as deference and cooperation toward leaders. The chapter concludes by highlighting the need to incorporate culture when discussing or conducting research in workplace incivility in the Singaporean context.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationWorkplace Abuse, Incivility and Bullying
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EditorsMaryam Omari, Megan Paull
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NameWorkplace Abuse, Incivility and Bullying


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