New and Emerging Creative Tools for Design Disciplines

Steven Mohr, Joel Bennett

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The experimental application of new and emerging software, tools, and technology for the design of games and 3D animated films is a practice with which the creative artists of these disciplines are acutely familiar. Convergence and technological developments in these disciplines allows for innovation, creativity, and evolution. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered design tools such as MidJourney ( cannot be understated, but represents the latest development tool for creative artists to use in design disciplines, building upon an already boundaryless creative process.

This paper explores the adoption of AI-powered design tools concurrent with other contemporary design tools and processes within the Design and Media programs at the University of Canberra and University of Southern Queensland. In doing so, we explore the current potential of AI-assisted games design and its impact on the evolving role of digital designers. By analysing classroom case studies where such tools are implemented for both formative and summative assessments, we demonstrate how designers can leverage these tools to create innovative and compelling designs. As part of an on-going evaluation of the contemporary landscape for teaching industry-ready graduate designers, we argue that openly adopting AI-assisted generation can improve productivity, reduce repetitive tasks, and generate new creative possibilities. We also discuss the ethical implications of AI in design and the importance of human oversight in the design process. This paper aims to encourage digital designers to embrace the opportunities presented by AI and leverage it to create more impactful and innovative designs.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusUnpublished - 21 Sept 2023
Event13th Australian Media Traditions Conference: Beyond Boundaries - UniSQ, Toowoomba, Australia
Duration: 20 Sept 202321 Sept 2023


Conference13th Australian Media Traditions Conference: Beyond Boundaries
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