On and around the El

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Research statement: This project inaugurates a multi year research project around the issues and problems revealed in modernist objective sculpture, including those of Anthony Caro, Ellsworth Kelly, and Donald Judd. Three propositions organise the initial research, and suggest the theoretical, thematic, and methodological terms of reference of the project: - the composition principles and spatial ideas implied in cubist, neo-plasticist and objective painting have yet to be fully explored in sculpture; - the concept and operation of surface delimits a portion of the conceptual profile of the space mode specific to modernist sculpture; - the creation of theoretical, plastic works will contribute to investigating the problem.
In initial interrogations, I explore the creative latent potentials in this practice through studio-based plastic activity, making small scaled sculptures as diagrams or theoretical models of the aspects and issues associated with the larger study. In his analysis of the works of Anthony Caro, for example, Michael Fried describes the sculptures with a set of terms that suggest in part the extent of ideas and formal relations at stake. These include: planarity; relation to the ground plane; obduracy; inside and outside; overhead and below; size and scale; literal, literalist, inert; non-situational; enclosure; edging. Each of these aspects could generate a series of works as a demonstration of the characteristics of a modernist plastic practice. To initiate the project, the wall mounted relief sculpture “On and Around the El” investigates the potentials contained in El ( L ) figures, both in 2D and 3D applications and with up to three colours. Actual realised and released form and space conditions are uncertain as consistent with the the exhibition title/theme.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationCanberra, Australia
PublisherCentre for Creative and Cultural Research, University of Canberra
Edition1st edition
Media of outputOnline
Size65 cm wide x 65 cm hight x 17 cm deep
Publication statusPublished - 29 Aug 2018


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