Person-Centered Health Education and Research

Simone Hauck, Luis Salvador-Carulla, Alberto Perales-Cabrera, Javier Saavedra, Carlos Salcedo, Tamiras M Bastos

    Research output: A Conference proceeding or a Chapter in BookChapterpeer-review


    Education and Research as the major support areas of person-centered care complete the set of matrices for the display of person centered medicine through Person-centered Education and Research. The first aspect of this principle involves both public health education for the general population and professional health education. In all such educational settings, person centered medicine places the person as the center of education and as the goal and protagonist of educational activities. The person here refers to the student, the teacher and other persons in the educational context.

    Of high pertinence in person-centered health education are the conceptual and organizational models to articulate the activities involved, such as overall educational models, curricular arrangements, mentorship, and the establishment of healthy and supportive environments for educational activities as well as the challenges experienced in such processes, such as burn-out, which require efforts and procedures to protect the health and integrity of the persons involved.

    Concerning person-centered health research, key concerns are the organization of research in a person-centered manner, protecting the rights and integrity of research subjects and the engagement of research subjects as participants in the research effort.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationPerson Centered Medicine
    EditorsJuan E Mezzich, W. James Appleyard, Paul Glare, Jon Snaedal, C. Ruth Wilson
    Number of pages17
    ISBN (Electronic)9783031176500
    ISBN (Print)9783031176500
    Publication statusPublished - 14 Apr 2023


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