Ragged Disclosures

Research output: Textual Creative WorksPoem/s


Ragged Disclosures is a prose poetry collection that investigates liminality, intersubjectivity and the prose poetic sequence. These sequences combine to create a complex and distributed depiction of an intimate relationship during the COVID-19 pandemic in this era of climate change and political instability. As the volume considers the protagonists’ diverse experiences, it explores the development of connected poetic tropes while highlighting tensions between prose poetry’s compression and the countervailing tendency for sequential works to present an unfolding narrative arc. The inherent raggedness of the narrative gestures, combined with prose poetry’s condensed and suggestive boxes, is playful, contemporary and quintessentially poetic.
Original languageEnglish
TypeProse poetry
Media of outputPrint
PublisherRecent Work Press
Number of pages122
Place of PublicationCanberra, ACT
ISBN (Print)9780645356328
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2022


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