Relics of the Carnival, Fragments of War

Paul HETHERINGTON, Cassandra Atherton

Research output: Textual Creative WorksOther contributionpeer-review


‘The giant purple mushroom … had already risen to a height of 45,000 feet, 3 miles above our own altitude, and was still boiling upward like something terribly alive. Even more fearsome was the sight on the ground below. Fires were springing up everywhere amid a turbulent mass of smoke that had the appearance of bubbling hot tar … If Dante had been with us on the plane, he would have been terrified. The city we had seen so clearly in the sunlight a few minutes before was now an ugly smudge. It had completely disappeared under this awful blanket of smoke and fire.’[i]
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputprint
PublisherAxon: Creative Explorations
Number of pages14
EditionSpecial Issue
VolumeCapsule 4
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2019

Publication series

NameAxon: Creative Expressions
PublisherUniversity of Canberra
ISSN (Print)1838-8973


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