Shades of Grey-Domestic and Sexual Violence Against Women: Law Reform and Society

Anna Carline, Patricia EASTEAL

Research output: Book/ReportBook

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Arguing that law must be looked at holistically, this book investigates the ‘hidden gender’ of the so-called neutral or objective legal principles that structure the law addressing violence against women. Adopting an explicitly feminist perspective, it investigates how legal responses to violence against women presuppose, maintain and perpetuate a certain context that may not in fact reflect women’s experiences. Carline and Easteal draw upon relevant legislation, case law and secondary studies from a range of territories, including Australia, England and Wales, the United States, Canada and Europe, to contextualize and critique different policy responses. They go on to examine the potential and limits of law, making recommendations for best practice models of policymaking and law reform. Aiming to help improve government, community and legal responses to women who experience violence, Shades of Grey – Domestic and Sexual Violence Against Women: Law Reform and Society will assist law-makers, academics, policymakers and a wider audience in understanding the complexities of violence against women.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationUK
Number of pages271
ISBN (Electronic)9781315817958
ISBN (Print)9780415622172
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2014


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