Snowboarding Injuries in Australia: Investigating Risk Factors in Wrist Fractures to Enhance Injury Prevention Strategies

Tracey Dickson, F. Anne Terweil

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To investigate risk factors associated with wrist fractures in snowboarders to inform future snowsport safety strategies.
A prospective case-control study using a nonprobability convenience sample was conducted with data collected via a respondent-completed questionnaire. Subjects consisted of snowboarders with a snowboard-related injury who presented to one of 10 medical centers and physiotherapy clinics in resort medical centers and gateway communities across the Australian snowsport season in 2007. Those presenting with injuries other than wrist fractures acted as the control.
The 611 respondents reported 802 injuries (61.3% were males and 51.5% were aged 16–25 years). Protective equipment was worn by 57.0% of respondents. The main reason for not wearing a wrist guard was that they did not see the need; of these, 12.9% experienced a wrist fracture. Most injuries occurred on-piste, in a terrain park, or in a lesson. The main mechanism of injury was falling. The major risk factors for wrist fractures were being less than 16 years of age (OR 3.97, CI 2.54–6.22), being in the alpine area for a holiday (OR 2.77, CI 1.47–5.21), and being a first-day snowboard participant (OR 2.02, CI 1.15–3.64). A direct logistic regression indicated that 3 variables had a statistically significant contribution to the model (being less than 16 years old, being on holidays in the region, and not wearing a wrist guard).
The key risk factors in this Australian study reflect other international studies, providing a clear market segment for targeted snowsport safety messages: those less than 16 years old, visitors to the alpine regions, and those not wearing wrist guards
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)228-235
Number of pages8
JournalWilderness and Environmental Science
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2011


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