Symposium: revisiting the three pillars of Deliberative Policy Analysis

Selen A. Ercan, Anna Durnová, Anne Loeber, Hendrik Wagenaar

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This mini-symposium revisits the three pillars of Deliberative Policy Analysis (DPA): deliberation, interpretation and practice. DPA was originally intended as a moral-analytical programme that integrated these pillars, but policy analysts working in this tradition seem to have mainly been guided by one specific pillar, interpretation We believe this has not only confounded the nature and potential of DPA but has also limited the knowledge and impact of policy studies. The goal of this mini-symposium is to facilitate a dialogue between representatives of the three pillars and the authors of DPA on how interpretation, practice, and deliberation could be integrated. It originates from a roundtable discussion organized at the ECPR General Conference 2018 in Hamburg. Each representative discusses the nature and development of their pillar and reflects on its value for DPA, followed by an author reflection on the past and future course of DPA. First, Selen Ercan explores the deliberative pillar. Second, Anna Durnová delves into the interpretive pillar. Third, Anne Loeber examines the practice pillar. Finally, Hendrik Wagenaar offers his author reflections. Taken together, this mini-symposium frames the focus and aims of this special issue and sets a course for the future development of DPA.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)307-330
Number of pages24
JournalPolicy Studies
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 5 Jul 2020


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